International Social Housing Festival has attracted interest all the way to the United States. Kenna StormoGipson, Director of Housing Policy in Hawaii, visited Helsinki in November to explore the festival sites in advance. The site inspection was organized by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) in co-operation with Helsinki City Housing Company (Heka). Together with ARA’s and Heka’s representatives Kenna StormoGipson visited four new rental and right-of-occupancy buildings in Jätkäsaari district, which were completed in November 2021.

– Social housing in Finland is really interesting. In Hawaii, state-subsidized housing production is really low, at only about 10% of the total housing stock, says Kenna StormoGipson. Kenna says she wants to learn how affordable housing is produced in Finland. 

– The problem in Hawaii is that land is allocated to more economically productive activities rather than to social housing. 

Kenna intends to visit Finland next time during the festival in June 2022. She is planning to bring 50 delegates with her. 

– Hawaii consists of independent counties, so it is important to bring the key decision-makers in the counties to get acquainted with Finnish solutions.

Director Jarmo Lindén proudly presented the ARA sites in Jätkäsaari to Kenna StormoGipson.