International Social Housing Festival 2022 is organized by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), City of Helsinki and Housing Europe.

Registration for ISHF 2022 has ended.

Registration FAQ

Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: The festival and all the events are free of charge and available to everyone.

Q: When does the registration close?
A: Registration for ISHF 2022 is open until the end of the festival. Registration to some events might close earlier.

Q: Registration for an event I am interested in is full. Is there a waiting list?
A: There are no waiting lists. Events have maximum registration capacities due to maximum venue capacities or group sizes. However, an event might become available, if someone chooses to cancel their registration for the event. You can see the current registration status of the events on the registration form.

Q: Can I attend online?
A: ISHF 2022 is mainly an in-person event where people will meet face-to-face. However, there are some online events in the program. Please go to the festival program and use the location filter ”Select location” > ”Online” to see the online events. Also, some events will be live streamed. Information about the which events will be live streamed is available in the festival app.

Q: If I will only attend online, do I have to register for the festival and events?
A: Yes, please register for the festival but you don’t have to choose any events on the registration form as online events do not require registration. The festival app which only registered participants will be able to access will have links to the online events and live streams.

Q: Can I have a letter of invitation for a visa application?
A: The ISHF 2022 main organizer, The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), cannot provide invitation letters for visa applications.