International Social Housing Festival 2022 will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on June 14–17, 2022. The festival’s main organizers, The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), in co-operation with the City of Helsinki and Housing Europe, have been looking for domestic and international partners to contribute to the festival program. Call for partners ended on 12 December 2021.

How to become a partner of International Social Housing Festival 2022?

Social housing specialists and parties involved with social, public and co-operative housing were able to apply for a partnership by submitting an event proposal related to one of the three festival themes. Call for partners was open 13 September – 12 December 2021.

The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) evaluated the applications and chose partnerships based on how the validity, content, and overall value of the proposed event meets the objectives of ISHF 2022 and how the event fits into the festival program. All accepted partners have been contacted by ARA.

All the applications are binding. The chosen partners commit to organize the event during the International Social Housing Festival 2022. The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) reserves the right to finalize the complete festival program.

What kind of events are welcome?

The event can be a seminar, a panel discussion, a workshop, a site visits, an exhibition etc. as long as the content and objective of the event is in sync with the overall aims and themes of the festival. The duration of the event should be max. couple of hours (excluding exhibitions).

All the events should be organized in English and available to the public (no invitation-only events).

Events can be organized in collaboration with other organizations or partners.

What does the partnership cost?

The partnership of ISHF 2022 is free of charge. However, the partner is solely responsible for the expenses and costs of organizing their event.

ISHF 2022 has access to some Helsinki-owned venues which the partner may be able to use as the venue of their event. These venues are free of charge and offered primarily to foreign partners. The partner is responsible for the costs of any additional services or facilities which are not included in the venue such as catering, streaming services or interpretation services.

How does ISHF 2022 support the partners in event organizing?

ISHF 2022 provides consultancy and support to the partners in event arrangements in Helsinki, such as venues, hotels, services of event professionals and special arrangements.

The partner is responsible for all the arrangements and bookings organizing an event might require.

How are the partners and their events marketed and communicated?

All the partners will have visibility on the festival website, and closer the festival on the festival app. Events organized by the partners will be part of the overall festival program. In addition, ISHF 2022 provides digital marketing and communications materials to the partners to promote their events. ISHF 2022 asks the partners to communicate about the festival and their own events on the partner’s website and to their own contact groups via newsletters, Twitter etc.

ISHF 2022 encourages all the partners to use digital marketing and communication solutions, and to avoid the usage of printed materials.

Picture: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Marketing