The festival would neither happen nor have content without the input of our brilliant partners. We give a big thank you for your co-operation in putting together ISHF 2022, the 3rd International Social Housing Festival!

Please note, that the list of partners will be updated along the way.

International Social Housing Festival 2022 is organized by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), City of Helsinki and Housing Europe.


The City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki is the seaside capital of Finland, the happiest country in the world, with a population of 650,000. Helsinki is a city of equality, well-being and participation and we want Helsinki to be the best functioning city in the world. 

The City of Helsinki is Finland’s biggest landlord with 63,000 housing units. City-owned rental housing is highly sought after, as the homes are of high quality but reasonably priced. 

City-owned housing companies are Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka), Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy (HASO), Kiinteistö Oy Auroranlinna and Oy Helsingin asuntohankinta Ab.

Housing Europe

Housing Europe is the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing.

Established in 1988, it is a network of 45 national and regional federations which together gather about 43,000 public, social and cooperative housing providers in 24 countries. Altogether they manage around 25 million homes.

Social, public and co-operative housing providers have a vision of a Europe which provides access to decent and affordable housing for all in communities which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and where everyone is enabled to reach their full potential.

Festival partners

“Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy)

DICEA – Department of Civil, Constructional and Environmental Engineeering was founded in 2010 and ensures scientific excellence and quality education in all branches of architectural design, urban planning, and civil and environmental engineering. DICEA actively promotes and develops training activities, offers research and consultancy services, through contracts and agreements with institutions both in the public and private sectors.

Aalto University Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture at Aalto University is an internationally renowned education and research unit. The Research Group for Health and Wellbeing Architecture (SOTERA) supports Aalto University’s focus areas of Health and Wellbeing and Human-centred living environments.

AFWC: Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations

In our federation nine housing associations join forces. Together we own more than 185.000 dwellings in Amsterdam, almost 40% of the total housing stock. Our aim is to provide affordable and sustainable housing for people with low incomes or special needs. In 2017, celebrating a century of collaboration, AFWC was one of the partners who organized the first ISHF in Amsterdam.


ASTA consists of 24 projects, all of which aim towards preventing financial problems of tenants. New approaches, models and tools are developed by non-profit rental housing companies, municipalities and NGOs. The ultimate goal is to reduce evictions caused by rental debt, thus preventing homelessness. All projects receive funding from ARA.”


Asuntosäätiö (‘housing foundation’) is a non-profit foundation established in 1951. Our purpose is to work to combat the housing shortage and enhance the general level of housing. Asuntosäätiö is the fourth largest owner of residential real estate in Finland. We have over 17,000 right-of-occupancy and rental homes across Finland.

Avain Asumisoikeus Oy

Avain Asumisoikeus Oy is the third largest owner of right-of-occupancy apartments in Finland and a nationally notable non-profit company. Avain Asumisoikeus Oy is a part of Avain Yhtiöt, which is a Finnish group specializing in housing business covering construction, owning and renting as well as renovations and services relating to housing.

Barcelona City Council

The City Council of Barcelona (Catalan: Ajuntament de Barcelona; Spanish: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona) is the top-tier administrative and governing body of the municipality of Barcelona, in the Catalonia, Spain. In terms of political structure, it consists of the invested Mayor of Barcelona, currently Ada Colau, the Government Commission, and an elected 41-member deliberative Plenary (Consell Municipal) with scrutiny powers. Barcelona City Council will host the next edition of the International Social Housing Festival in March 2023.

BBC StoryWorks

As the world’s most trusted international news broadcaster, accurate, impartial news is available via the 24 hour news channel – BBC World News – and, along with a broad range of insightful and in-depth features across BBC Sport, BBC Worklife, BBC Culture, BBC Future, BBC Reel and BBC Travel. As a commercial arm of the BBC, we work with brands to create partnerships which connect them with our curious and globally-minded audience through bespoke branded content.

Blue Ribbon Foundation

Blue Ribbon Foundation (Sininauhasäätiö Group) specializes in the challenges of homelessness and substance abuse. We develop innovative, low-threshold operating models and provide Housing First based services to reduce homelessness. We work alongside our customers so that everyone can have a key to a home and support for housing and a better life.

Building Information Foundation RTS

Building Information Foundation RTS is the parent company and the R&D unit of Building Information Group – the leading provider of construction information in Finland. The Building Information Group aims to foster good design, planning and building methods as well as good property management practices in Finland. RTS is directed by an Assembly that represents the Finnish construction industry through 56 organisations.

Centre for Religion, Human Values, and International Relations

A dialogue that brings into play the conscience and personal commitment of leaders and citizens is an essential ‘part of the solution’ in the European Union and more widely. Our Centre promotes this vision through education for dialogue and through engaged, interdisciplinary research and policy development.  We have a partnership with the Irish Council of Churches/Irish Inter-Church Meeting and the Dublin City Interfaith Forum.

Clúíd Housing

Clúid Housing is a leading approved housing body (AHB) providing quality, affordable rented homes to people across Ireland. Clúid manages over 9000 properties providing a home to over 24,000 people. Established in 1994, our team of almost 300 employees is committed to providing quality housing and services that enable people to create homes and thriving communities.

CoHabitat Network

CoHabitat is a joint initiative by grassroots federations and umbrella organizations, as well as non-profit organizations and academic institutions working in the field of community-led housing to secure housing through collective, non-speculative and people-led solutions.

The CoHabitat Network will be represented at the ISHF 2022 by CHI, Co-Lab Research, European CLT Network, GPR2C, HIC, IIED, MOBA Housing, urbaMonde and World Habitat.



The Confederation of Housing Cooperatives and Rehabilitation of Spain is the highest official representative of the Social Economy in the Real Estate Sector.
▪ Housing is a recognized social good (Rights, Human Rights and the Spanish Constitution).
▪ Promoting housing in a Cooperative is the ideal means to fulfill this purpose.
▪ CONCOVI is the only interlocutor of the cooperatives of housing with the Public Administration. Throughout its history, CONCOVI has represented the self-promotion of more than 2 million homes.

Cooperativa Sole

Cooperativa Sole is a social cooperative born in 2013 offering healthcare service, digital health, community welfare and educational services in Trentino Alto-Adige and Emilia-Romagna Regions (Italy). The goal of Cooperativa Sole is to design new housing model for wellbeing, new models to understand people’s behavior using the Internet of Things (IoT) and design innovative business models for healthcare.

Department of Film and Screen Media, University College Cork

Film and Screen Media at University College Cork is a vibrant academic environment led by internationally recognised experts and with a thriving graduate studies community. Our research focuses on: Film and Screen Media Histories; and Film and Screen Media Forms and Practices.

Espoon Asunnot

Espoon Asunnot has over 15,000 homes across Espoo. Some 300 new homes are constructed each year. 


Eurocities is the network of major European cities. Today, we bring together more than 200 cities in 38 countries, representing 130 million people. The working group housing at Eurocities advances the dialogue on social and affordable housing and the prevention of new forms of inequality. Access to adequate and affordable housing should be a fundamental right for all people.

European Federation for Living

The European Federation for Living (EFL) is a European network of housing associations, companies and experts from the academic, public and private sectors working to create more affordable, sustainable housing. It has over 70 members and associates from 19 European countries, with a joint portfolio of more than 1.300,000 dwellings and business units across Europe.


FEANTSA is the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless. It is the only European NGO focusing exclusively on the fight against homelessness. Our ultimate goal is an end to homelessness in Europe. FEANTSA brings together non-profit services that support homeless people from all over Europe, we have over 120 member organisations from 30 countries.

Finnish Affordable Housing Companies’ Federation – KOVA

KOVA is a national umbrella association for non-profit rental housing companies and foundations in Finland.

Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL

The Finnish Youth Housing Association (NAL in short of Nuorisoasuntoliitto) is a national umbrella for 24 local associations and 7 national member 

Fondazione Housing Sociale

Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS) is a non-profit foundation set up in 2004 by Fondazione Cariplo, with the mission of experimenting innovative solutions to structure, finance, realize and manage social and collaborative housing interventions. FHS is mainly active as a promoter of the social housing sector and as a technical-social advisor to the funds that invest in social housing in Italy.

Fondazione Impact Housing

Impact Housing Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to pursue human and urban regeneration starting from housing and based on impact financing. FIH researches and designs in the field of impact housing to create new models, increase knowledge and strengthen collaborations between public bodies, for-profit, non-profit and urban communities.

Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità (Inequalities Diversity Forum, Italy)

Through the collaboration between researchers and active citizens, Forum DD aims at outlining general proposals for collective and public action to reduce inequalities. Founded in 2018, it involves eight organizations (Basso Foundation, ActionAid Italy, Caritas Italiana, Cittadinanzattiva, Dedalus Cooperativa sociale, Fondazione di Comunità di Messina, Legambiente, Uisp) and academics from socio-economic and political fields.

Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International is a global non-profit housing organization. In the European context, we implement affordable housing programs, mainly in Eastern Europe, focusing on energy poverty alleviation through scaling up renovation of owner-occupied multi-apartment buildings. We also promote alternative ways of affordable rental solutions and housing provision for vulnerable groups, including the Roma.


Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy, HASO, is a right-of-occupancy housing company owned by the City of Helsinki. HASO offers reasonably priced and high-quality apartments in the Finnish capital while also respecting environmental values. HASO is providing affordable homes for over 10 000 people in 5300 apartments.


Helsingin kaupungin asunnot – Helsinki City Housing Company (Heka), owns nearly 50.000 rental apartments which are a home for over 92.000 residents. This means that one in every seven Helsinki resident lives in a Heka apartment. More than 1000 new homes are built or renovated each year by Heka.


The transdisciplinary HIPPA-Remote uses remote and hybrid services for help companies develop user-oriented solutions that meet the needs and preferences of users. HIPPA-Remote supports especially co-design processes of digital solutions that involve the well-being and good housing of the seniors’.

Housing Fund of Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund

The Housing Fund of Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund serving the interest of the state, covers the territory of the whole state and in accordance with its business policy finances and implements the national housing programme, promotes house building, renewal and maintenance of flats as well as residential buildings.

Housing Solutions Platform

The Housing Solutions Platform is a new, expertise- and practice-driven initiative to identify, debate and promote innovative solutions for affordable housing in Europe. It is a joint initiative of FEANTSA, the Fondation Abbé Pierre and Housing Europe. The platform seeks to make a contribution to addressing Europe’s housing crises. 


Municipality Finance Plc, or MuniFin, is one of Finland’s largest credit institutions and the only one specialised in the financing and financial risk management of the Finnish public sector.

Matrycs Project

The constantly increasing momentum of big data and their related technologies constitutes an unprecedented market opportunity for improving the energy efficiency along the building sector and its lifecycle and for better managing energy consumption and generation at building level. The MATRYCS project aims to capitalise and combine existing modern technological breakthroughs in the areas of Machine and Deep Learning and Big Data, in order to develop a new decision-making and data analytics solution for energy-efficient buildings.

Municipality of Bologna

Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna Region. With a metropolitan population of 1 million, it’s one of the main metropolitan areas in Italy. The University, internationally renowned, is a magnet for students from all over Europe, making the city a vibrant cultural hub, where diversity, inclusion and social innovation are a prominent feature of the political landscape.

Museum Het Schip

Museum Het Schip is the museum on the expressionist art and architecture movement of the Amsterdam School and public housing. Despite the name, the imaginative architecture of the Amsterdam School can be found all over the Netherlands. It is a movement that is closely intertwined with the rise of good public housing developed by housing associations in the beginning of the twentieth century.

NAL Asunnot

NAL Asunnot is a non-profit company that rents and builds affordable homes for young adults under 30 years of age. Our purpose is that every young person has a home from which they can build a good life for themselves. By offering youths reasonably priced homes and services that facilitate good living we support their independence and transition to working life while preventing social exclusion and homelessness.

NBO – Housing Nordic

NBO – Housing Nordic is an association of eight cooperative and public housing associations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden that has existed since 1950. Members represent nearly 2.5 million homes in the Nordic region.

The vision of NBO is a Nordic region with economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable housing for all.

PWNR: Platform Housing Association Northern Randstad

Platform Housing Association Northern Randstad (PWNR) is the regional counterpart of the AFWC. Fourteen housing associations that are active in the Zaanstreek-Waterland and Amstelland-Meerlanden regions and in the municipality of Amsterdam are affiliated with PWNR. They let their available dwellings through a joint regional choice based letting system.


RE-DWELL, an MSCA-ITN involving 10 universities (with studies in architecture, urban planning, sociology, economics and law) and 12 non-academic partners (construction companies, private and public developers, local authorities, research and advocacy groups, housing associations), from 9 EU countries. 15 junior researchers investigate affordable and sustainable housing by intertwining design, planning and building, community participation and policy and financing.

Setlementtiasunnot Oy

Established in 2000, Setlementtiasunnot Oy is a builder of communities, provider of housing services and producer of socially sustainable housing. Currently providing 1600 homes for 2000 people in 17 buildings and 7 cities. 

SOA – The Finnish Association of Student Housing Organisations

SOA is the Finnish national organisation for non-profit student housing. Overall, SOA members own and operate most of Finnish purpose-built student accommodation: over 45 000 student apartments that are home to around 70 000 students. SOA members’ mission is to offer high quality student housing at affordable rates.

Spanish Association of Public and Social Housing (AVS)

The Spanish Association of Public and Social Housing, AVS, is made up of both regional and municipal public entities, focused on managing social Housing. With a representation at national level of almost 80%, 130 entities currently integrated into AVS , managing more than 300.000 dwellings, and providing affordable and social housing to more than half a million people in Spain. AVS mission is aimed to guarantee the human right to decent, affordable and adequate housing.

TA Companies

TA offer rental, right-of-occupancy and owner-occupied apartments and plenty of options in terms of location. TA has several decades of experience in building quality apartments and Finnish housing.

Tampere University

At Tampere University technology and social sciences come together in a unique way. ASUTUT, the Sustainable Housing Design research group conducts research that responds to and pre-empts societal challenges in contemporary housing design in a rapidly changing world.

The Barcelona Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB)

The Barcelona Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB) is Barcelona’s public housing company, managing a rental public housing stock of over 11.000 units and currently overseeing the construction of more than 6.000 additional units. IMHAB was created in 2019 as a result of the merger of Barcelona Gestió Urbanística L.C. and the Patronat Municipal de l’Habitatge de Barcelona (PMHB), founded in 1927.

The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL) is a housing federation working across Estonia to support cooperative housing and the renewal of multi-apartment housing stock through the implementation of knowledge-based activities like training, consulting, advisory services, research, and cooperation projects. EKYL is also a Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence, working on sustainable housing at an international level.

The Foundation of Finnish Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international charity foundation. Finnish Salvation Army Foundation maintains three Housing First units, two in Helsinki and one in Espoo. Housing First concept is seen as an important element when helping homeless. The aim is to provide residents conditions for a dignified life. With securing housing, target is to have experience of inclusion in their own lives, community, and society. Each resident has a self-managed permanent rental apartment, and they get support around the clock by social and health professionals if needed.

The Housing Agency

The Housing Agency is a government body with a vision of supporting an integrated housing system, meeting the nation’s housing needs and promoting sustainable communities. It does this by providing housing insights and data that inform policy making; by working to deliver housing solutions and implement programmes in Government housing policy; and by equipping itself and stakeholders with the capacity to meet challenges in the housing system.

The Housing First Europe Hub

The Housing First Europe Hub is a network of organisations, housing providers, cities, ministries and academic experts working together to expand the Housing First approach as the main tool of a systemic change to end homelessness. The network was founded in 2016 by Y-Foundation and FEANTSA with 15 partners, and today includes than 35 member organisations

The Polytechnic University of Bari

The Polytechnic University of Bari is an Italian public University offering scientific and technological programs. The Polytechnic forms architects, engineers, and industrial designers and produce high-quality research, both basic and applied. The Department of Engineering and Architecture promotes a direct and collaborative relationship between students and professions and combines academic tradition with the most innovative architectural and urban methodologies.

The Union sociale pour l’habitat

The Union sociale pour l’habitat represents some 593 social housing operators in France. It fulfills three missions:
▪ a role of national representation with public authorities, the media, professional circles and public opinion;
▪ a mission of reflection, analysis and study on all files relating to housing and the development of proposals for a social housing policy;
▪ an information, advice and assistance function for Hlm organizations in order to facilitate and develop their activities and professional skills.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

The UNECE Housing and Land Management Unit is a secretariat to the UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management (CUDHLM) and its Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA) and the Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM).
The CUDHLM works to promote:
– Affordable, adequate, climate-neutral housing, including for those with special needs and vulnerable – population groups
– Compact, inclusive, circular, resilient, smart and sustainable cities
– Transparent and efficient land use, and property registration

Toivo Group Oyj

Toivo Group Oyj is a Finnish company founded in 2015, specializing in real estate development and ownership, whose mission is to change real estate value chains, forming a distinctive operating model in the field. Everything in Toivo starts with people and the environment. Toivo’s goal is to produce the best resident experiences by offering the most magnificent rental homes in Finland. For our part, we want to prevent exclusion and inequality with sustainable development in mind. Toivo aims to meet the growing demand for housing in metropolitan areas.

In addition to market-based housing, Toivo specializes in the construction and management of regulated housing production.

TU Wien – Research Center New Social Housing

As a continuation of the IBA-ResearchLab, the Center New Social Housing emerged from a cooperation between the International Building Exhibition IBA_Vienna 2022, TU Wien and the University of Vienna. The Center aims at institutional networking and transdisciplinary cooperation involving actors of Viennese housing production and research. As a platform, the Center promotes interdisciplinary, critical research on social housing and urban development.

The IBA_Vienna 2022 is the first International Building Exhibition to be held in Vienna. The city thus sets itself the task of developing groundbreaking proposals for solutions and approaches to the challenges of our time within the topic of New Social Housing. The final presentation to the public will take place from June to November 2022.

Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is an intergovernmental Euro-Mediterranean organisation which brings together all countries of the European Union and 15 countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.
UfM’s mission is to enhance regional cooperation, dialogue and the implementation of projects and initiatives with tangible impact on our citizens, with an emphasis on young people and women, in order to address the three strategic objectives of the region: stability, human development and integration.

Unione Inquilini (Tenants’ Union, Italy)

The Tenants’ Union is the union for the right to housing. It was founded in 1968 in Milan thanks to the efforts of large grassroots committees of public housing, who fought for both the rehabilitation of their neighborhoods and a reduced social rent. Over the years, many people have relied on the Tenants’ Union: homeless, evicted and poorly housed, as well as thousands of assignees of public housing.

University of Catania (Italy)

DICAR – Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture follows the sound Italian tradition in building retrofitting and restoration, enriching its contents with energy efficiency and renewable energy source issues. The DICAR’s portfolio of research embraces technical, socio-economic and design-driven approaches. The Department prides itself in its combination of fundamental scientific research and practical engagement, with real world project in the built environment.


Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies (Urbaria) is the first academic multidisciplinary urban research unit in Finland. Together with the network of more than 150 researchers from the University of Helsinki, we address and analyse complex urban challenges from multidisciplinary perspectives.

VAV Group

VAV is a company wholly owned by the City of Vantaa which builds and owns rental apartments in Vantaa. VAV has more than 11,000 rental apartments and has over 20,000 tenants.

World Habitat

World Habitat is an independent charity working internationally to help bring the best housing to the people who need it the most. We find, award and share ground-breaking and innovative ideas and solutions to housing problems across the globe. We want to make housing, not an investment, or a dream, but a basic right for everyone.


The Y-Foundation is one of the key national developers of the Housing First principle in Finland. The Y-Foundation offers affordable rental housing. We are the fourth largest landlord in Finland.