We warmly welcome social housing specialists and parties interested in social, public and co-operative housing to contribute to the festival program by submitting an event proposal linked to one of the three festival themes:

  1. People first: quality of housing as quality of living
  2. Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
  3. The right to housing: getting rid of the excuses not to guarantee it

Please, get to know the three festival themes (follow link to explore the themes) more deeply.

You can organize an event, create one in collaboration with other organizations, or express your interest to organize something with one of our Finnish partners. We encourage you to be creative and bold and share your special experience and point of view!

The 3rd International Social Housing Festival will be all about learning together and challenging the status quo. Event proposals will be evaluated by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA).

THE CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS WILL OPEN IN THE AUTUMN 2021. In a meanwhile, please contact Ms Sina Rasilainen via email .