Why join the festival?

Housing Europe organized an info session on 16 November 2021 for its international partners offering a sneak peek of ISHF 2022. The participants were honoured to hear greetings from the City of Helsinki delivered by Juhana Vartiainen, Mayor of Helsinki. In addition, Jarmo Lindén, Director of The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) […]

ISHF 2022 – A Carefully Planned Celebration

Debates about housing can be frustrating. People point fingers, refuse to listen, or simply aren’t interested at all. The International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) addresses this problem. Its aim: organise a productive debate on housing and engage everyone. sat down with Sina Rasilainen, head coordinator of ISHF 2022, to find out how to achieve […]

Helsinki Mix creates a balanced and equal city

Helsinki has practised social mixing in its housing policy for decades. By mixing different types of tenures we create balanced neighbourhoods for people with different preferences and backgrounds. Social housing is an important part of this mix. The Finnish ethos for equality is manifested in Helsinki’s housing policy: the “Helsinki Mix” is applied in the […]

ARA welcomes you HOME!

The 3rd International Social Housing Festival is hosted by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA, in co-operation with the City of Helsinki and Housing Europe. ARA is a government agency subsidizing affordable and social housing in Finland and therefore well-connected with the Finnish housing sector, municipalities and NGO’s. The festival couldn’t have a better […]

ISHF 2022 sneak peeks available during the Film Festival

Housing Europe is organizing a virtual film festival on 16-17 June 2021. The two-day Social Housing Film Festival is offering a compilation of thought-provoking films in different kind of genres that all have two things in common: the power of public, cooperative or social housing to improve people’s lives and a strong human element. Life […]

Social Housing Film Festival

As the International Social Housing Festival was postponed until June 2022 Housing Europe has decided to organize a virtual film festival this June. The film festival is a global celebration of the long tradition of decent, affordable housing that provides opportunities, breaks stereotypes and myths, and especially nowadays, creates a feeling of stability and safety. What is more – the film festival […]

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