Thank you for being at HOME!

What a week we had – the 3rd International Social Housing Festival was full of events, networking, mingling and co-operation! The international social housing community came to Helsinki to explore housing as the foundation of good living, while the festival highlighted the role of social, public and co-operative housing in achieving socially and ecologically sustainable […]

Self-guided walking tours available!

Are you still missing some things to do or see during your festival week? The City of Helsinki has planned self-guided walking tours for festival participants to explore Mellunmäki and Jätkäsaari sites. Gather a group of people for self-guided walk or just go for a stroll by yourself and enjoy the beautiful sites. Read more […]

Follow the ISHF 2022 Vlog

We are happy to share the ISHF 2022 Vlog with you! Vloggers Judith Breemer and Pepijn Bakker will share their experiences from Helsinki, and try to cover as much as possible of what is happening during the 3rd International Social Housing Festival. Stay tuned! Photo: Unsplash / Harry Cunningham

Announcing Minister Maria Ohisalo as a speaker

We are thrilled to announce Maria Ohisalo, Finland’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, as one of the speakers of the Opening Ceremony.  Maria Ohisalo has served as Minister of the Environment and Climate Change since 7 June 2022. Prior to this, she served as Minister of the Interior (ministry for internal security and migration) […]

#ISHF Meet & Mingle

It would not be a proper festival without proper evening gatherings. And it would not be a work-related festival without networking opportunities. Let’s celebrate the fact that we can finally meet offline and chat about our work and passion for social housing development.  Instead of staying at your hotel, you can join us on Tuesday (14th June), […]

The City of Helsinki invites festival participants to the Closing Reception

The City of Helsinki invites festival participants to the Closing Reception on 17 June at 16.30–18.00 EEST after the Closing Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony and Closing Reception take place at the Helsinki City Hall. Participants need to register for the Closing Reception via the festival registration form. Cover photo: City of Helsinki / Kimmo Brandt

A new speaker confirmation: Hanna Dhalmann speaks at the Closing Ceremony

We are honoured to continue presenting our main speakers, as Hanna Dhalman, Housing Program Manager at the City of Helsinki, will join the speakers at the Closing Ceremony! Hanna Dhalmann has worked as Housing Program Manager at the City of Helsinki since the August 2021. She is also a board member of Helsinki City Housing […]

ISHF 2022 app has been launched

To support networking and finding new connections before, during and after the festival, we have launched a festival app for the participants. The festival app is an essential tool for everyone participating in the ISHF 2022. In the app the participants will be able to see the festival program, find links to online events and […]

From compulsory subtenants to suburban regeneration

– a new book available on the history of Helsinki’s housing policy In the 1940s, Helsinki tackled the housing crisis following the Second World War by means such as placing compulsory subtenants in apartments that were considered spacious. The principle of mixing different housing tenures, on the other hand, is rooted in the youth riots […]

By taking care of its building stock, Heka takes care of its tenants

Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy, or Heka, is the largest lessor in Finland. We have over 51,000 apartments and over 93,000 tenants in Helsinki, which means that approximately 14% of the residents of Helsinki live in Heka apartments. Our apartments are of high quality, affordable and located in every part of Helsinki. Our building stock is […]