Debates about housing can be frustrating. People point fingers, refuse to listen, or simply aren’t interested at all. The International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) addresses this problem. Its aim: organise a productive debate on housing and engage everyone. sat down with Sina Rasilainen, head coordinator of ISHF 2022, to find out how to achieve the goals of the festival. Continue to read the interview >>.

The International Social Housing Festival is a biennial event organised by Housing Europe. It brings together those involved in the housing sector and allows for a jolly exchange on social, public, and cooperative housing. The concrete nature and content of this exchange constantly vary as Housing Europe partners with a different country each time. The third ISHF takes place in Helsinki, Finland on 14-17 June 2022. The main organizers are The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), City of Helsinki and Housing Europe.

Picture: Helsinki Marketing / Maija Astikainen