Practical info

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First time visiting Helsinki, maybe even Finland, and want to know more about your basic tourist information, currency, the climate, the time zone and all things useful when traveling in a foreign country?

Great – City of Helsinki has just the perfect set of links and information that you might find useful. Visit the MyHelsinki website’s Practical info section.

Getting around Helsinki


Helsinki has an excellent public transportation system, that will take you anywhere and everywhere. The city center is manageable by feet or a bicycle, but there is always the option to take a tram ride, bus ride, train or metro.

For more detailed information on how to get around, where to buy your tickets and how to find the schedules, you can explore the Getting around Helsinki page (Helsinki website) and public transportation provider HSL’s website.

Explore the city

Helsinki is beautiful in so many ways!
Located right by the sea Helsinki offers its visitors fresh air, beautiful sceneries and everything from a modern shopping mall to a relaxing nature walk – right in the centre of the city.

For tips and suggestions on where to go and what to see, please visit the MyHelsinki See & Do -page on the Helsinki website.

13 Helsinki neighborhoods

The official division of the city of Helsinki is as follows: there are eight major districts that are divided into 34 subdistricts. These are divided further into numerous smaller divisions. In parallel to the district division, the city can be understood as divided into 60 distinct areas. Are you still following? MyHelsinki decided to make it easier to get to know the city’s different areas: 13 neighborhoods that open the gates to the secrets of Helsinki, from Töölö to Vuosaari and from Hermanni to Lauttasaari. 
Get to know them by visiting the MyHelsinki Neighborhood page on the Helsinki website.

Other useful tips: MyHelsinki in your pocket

There are so many things to share and tell about Helsinki and we wouldn’t want to leave anything unsaid.

Luckily the MyHelsinki website has a wide collection of all kinds of information that a Helsinki visitor should seek – where to eat & drink, what to do and where to go to name a few.

Looking for spare time activities? Take a look, what kind of events take place in Helsinki in June. In addition, the Espa Stage in the middle of the city center is also alive with sound again!

Please visit MyHelsinki on the official Helsinki website and find what interest you!