From Strategy to Affordable Housing (and everything in between) - Policies and Actions in Helsinki and other European Cities

Thursday June 16
At 13:00–17:00
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
City Of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division

Registration required

Target group:
All the festival visitors but mostly visitors from other Urban Environment Divisions or similar communal organsations: city planners, policymakers, architects and overall people who struggle and work with same themes and issues as we in City of Helsinki and its Urban Environment Division.

Event description:
The event will be an afternoon seminar with several speakers. The event will consist of a series of short statements or lectures on various themes we work with in the Urban Environment Division: we will present a timeline from strategic planning to homes. Every theme has a responsible speaker (or speakers) from our home organization and a guest speaker (or speakers) from some other European city. The guests can compare actions, have questions or just comment on the statement – the main idea is to have a theme based dialog instead of monologue.

We will pick the guest speakers among the festival visitors, contact them in time and have pre-sessions via Teams to get to know each other, orientate and in general to prepare the whole event.

The event will have a moderator (Hanna Harris, The Chief Design Officer at the City of Helsinki).

The organizer will provide coffee during the break.

Register for this event with the festival registration form.

Organizer's contact details:
City Of Helsinki
Ulla Kuitunen