Annual Conference: What if...we imagined Next Generation housing with the youth?

Thursday June 16
At 10:00–12:30
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
Housing Europe
Kino Regina, Helsinki Central Library Oodi

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Target group:
Public, cooperative and social housing providers, EU/national/local policymakers, youth organisations, media

Event description:
Subtitle: Green, connected, inclusive 21st-century homes

If we gather a hundred millennials and young people in Generation X, how many would face difficulty in paying their rent? Could you guess how many would own a home? Would there be youngsters facing the dilemma of turning down education or job opportunities because it is hard to secure an affordable place to live? What percentage would live with their parents while their choice would rather be taking the path to independence?

‘Young households find it increasingly difficult to leave the parental home; they rent for longer periods and are less likely to purchase a home,’ the OECD report ‘Housing and Inclusive Growth’ stated clearly. Statistics across Europe do vary and yet, in 2021, young people took the streets of some of the biggest capitals reclaiming their fundamental right to housing. Having a home is more than four walls and a roof, it has direct implications on health, inclusion into society, education, the job market, and even affects when young people start forming a family. At the same time, paying high rent for decades can become harder when people retire and their pensions cannot bridge the gap between their income and basic living standard.

Is this disparity deeply cemented? In 2022, the European Year of Youth, European public, cooperative, and social housing providers represented by Housing Europe would like to change the narrative for the better. The EU has committed to building a better future for young generations, making their days ahead greener, more inclusive, and digital – three dimensions that are intrinsic to housing.

During our annual conference on June, 16th which will take place in Helsinki (Finland) during the International Social Housing Festival, we will zoom in on forward-looking policy solutions supporting the youth, hear from social and affordable housing providers who are already addressing the challenge with innovation, and give the floor to youth advocacy organisations to speak out clearly what their needs are.

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Housing Europe
Diana Yordanova