Homeless No More – Welcome to a Housing First Unit

Wednesday June 15
At 15:00–16:30
Site visit / excursion
The right to housing: getting rid of the excuses not to guarantee it
Blue Ribbon Foundation
Ruusulankatu housing service unit

Registration required

Target group:
Everyone who is interested in housing that is designed to eradicate homelessness.

Event description:
You might have heard that in Finland the number of homeless people is on the decline. A Housing First model has played an important role in decreasing homelessness. Go first to How to end homelessness in Finland? event (by Y-Foundation) and then come around the corner to see how we are putting the principles of Housing First in to practice.

Our apartments are for young adults who have experienced homelessness and who need support due to mental health issues and active drug use.

We think that past experiences do not need to dictate the future. Everyone has a right to housing in every stage of their lives.

Location address: Ruusulankatu housing service unit, Ruusulankatu 10, 00260 Helsinki

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Organizer's contact details:
Blue Ribbon Foundation
Pauliina Liukkonen