Jätkäsaari Walking Tour

Wednesday June 15
At 09:00–11:30
Site visit / excursion
People first: quality of housing as quality of living
City of Helsinki & Y-foundation

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Target group:
Anyone interested in visiting Helsinki’s modern urban district Jätkäsaari and seeing new social and affordable housing solutions.

Event description:
The 2,5-hour walking tour includes presentations on the construction of the modern Jätkäsaari district and its new housing projects. The tour will be guided by professionals from various organizations. 

The tour starts at the Generations Block (Länsisatamankatu 34, Settlement Apartments), consisting of the rental houses of Settlement Apartments and the Foundation of student housing in the Helsinki region Hoas, as well as owner-occupied housing. There are altogether 262 apartments, 20 of which are for disabled people. The block brings together residents of different age and cultural backgrounds in an active lifestyle and community-oriented living, with various common areas, including, e.g. the residents’ living room, a stage for movies and performances, a laundry room with sewing space, a woodwork room and a soundproof music room. 

We will visit social rental housing block Hampurinkuja 1, which is owned by Heka, a City owned housing company. The six-storey residential building has a total of 90 apartments, 70 of which are rental apartments in Heka. The building also incorporates a housing group of 20 apartments for the disabled. We will visit one of the rental apartments under the guidance of the resident. 

Right-of-occupancy housing is a housing form between rental housing and owner-occupied housing. We will see right-of-occupancy housing block HASO Sandis (Jätkäsaarenkuja 13). This block is owned by one of the City’s housing companies, HASO. 

At Välimerenkatu 9 we will get to know rental housing for young adults (NAL Apartments).  

The tour ends at Jallukka (Y-Foundation, Malagankatu 3). Jallukka, the rock music building, is an apartment building with 74 apartments. The building features 49 state-subsidised rental apartments owned by the Y-Foundation and 25 apartments owned by ELMU Foundation. ELMU’s apartments are rental apartments for music professionals. 
Starting point address: Generations Block, Länsisatamankatu 34, 00220 Helsinki

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Organizer's contact details:
City of Helsinki
Elina Eskelä