How to end homelessness in Finland?

Wednesday June 15
At 13:00–14:30
Seminar, Digi-exhibition, networking
The right to housing: getting rid of the excuses not to guarantee it
Mika Waltari Conference Room, Töölö Library

Registration required

Target group:
Anyone interested in the issues of homelessness.

Event description:
Finland is the only country in the EU where homelessness has been decreasing. Huge progress has been made by using the Housing First model. One of the factors behind Finland’s success is the Y-Foundation, who rents apartments to those who have experienced homelessness and people with low income. 

Y-Foundation invites you to discuss and hear more about its operating model on homelessness.

Join us for a discussion on homelessness and social housing. The seminar is a great opportunity for anyone who is keen to come together to talk about experiences and best practices on combatting homelessness. Refreshments will be served.

The event will be held close to Ruusulankatu (5 min walk) so that the participants can take part afterwards in Ruusulankatu Housing First Unit visit at 3pm by Sininauhasäätiö / Blue Ribbon Foundation. Y-Foundation’s event offers a good introduction to the Housing First principle and homelessness in Finland. After the seminar, the participants can learn about the principle in practice by visiting Ruusulankatu housing unit.

Location address: Töölö Library, Topeliuksenkatu 6, 00250 Helsinki

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Sinituuli Untamala