Climate-neutral housing – Decarbonizing the housing stock in an inclusive and affordable way

Wednesday June 15
At 12:30–16:00
Workshop, Exhibition
People first: quality of housing as quality of living, Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and Housing Europe
Kino Regina, Helsinki Central Library Oodi

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Target group:
Local and national governments, experts in housing policy, housing providers, private sector, civil society

Event description:
Buildings have the largest potential for improving energy efficiency and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonizing the housing stock is very costly and creates a financial burden on inhabitants, often causing “energy poverty” among lower-income population. In the UNECE region, which includes most of the “rich” countries in the world, almost 42 million face arrears on their utility bills and more than 52 million people cannot keep their homes adequately warm. There is a need for implementing large-scale housing renovation programmes that are affordable for all. Such programmes are essential to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and related SDGs.

This workshop aims to present the UNECE-Housing Europe-UN-Habitat study “#Housing2030: Effective policies for affordable housing in the UNECE region” containing a toolkit on affordable climate-neutral housing to demonstrate its use in mitigating potential negative social impacts of decarbonization strategies on vulnerable sections of society, particularly young people. It will also support the regional exchange of experiences and good practices in countries of the UNECE region on promoting access to decent, adequate, affordable and healthy housing as part of the countries’ responses to, and recovery plans for the COVID-19 pandemic (this will include the topics of “greening” cities and housing, using architectural and urban planning solutions and innovations to promote better quality of life, etc).

The #Housing2030 study and an online platform at were launched on 6 October 2021 at the UNECE Housing Ministerial Meeting. The event will also inform about the “Place and Life in the ECE – A Regional Action Plan 2030: Tackling challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, climate and housing emergencies in region, city, neighbourhood and homes” which builds on conclusions of the #Housing2030 study, as well as other relevant tools and practices, including the UNECE High Performance Buildings Initiative.

Draft agenda

12:30–12:50 Opening and welcome

12:50–13:45 Presentation of the #Housing2030 study and “Place and Life in the ECE – A Regional Action Plan 2030”

13:45–14:00 Break

14:00–14:45 Session One: Best practices at local level on affordable climate-neutral housing

Questions to presenters:

  1. Provide an example of a practice on affordable climate-neutral housing your local government or your organization implemented. How did it evolve and who (the local government itself or any of the stakeholders) was driving and supporting it?
  2. What challenges did you face in the implementation process?
  3. What advice would you offer to policymakers from another city if they were seeking to adopt or replicate your best practices?

14:45–15:00 Break

15:00–15:50 Session Two: Best practices at national level on affordable climate-neutral housing

15:50–16:00 Conclusions and closing by the Moderator

Format: in-person
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Organizer's contact details:
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Gulnara Roll
Juan Valle Robles