Climate-proof and resilient social housing

Wednesday June 15
At 09:00–10:30
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
Housing Europe
Kino Regina, Helsinki Central Library Oodi

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Target group:
Affordable and social housing providers, cities, regions, urban planners, architects, universities and students.

Event description:

Climate change and the lack of mitigation can have far-reaching consequences, especially for households living in particularly vulnerable areas. This was the case with the floods in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Belgium in the recent summer. The EU’s Green Deal aims to trigger a renovation wave of 35 million homes by 2030. This is an opportunity to integrate vital climate adaptation to increase our resilience to extreme weather conditions which vary greatly throughout the region requiring a customised approach.

Long-lasting and resilient housing solutions could make a difference in the lives of those living in vulnerable neighbourhoods. Integrating climate-proof and adaptive systems and models in social and affordable housing is a crucial step to guaranteeing spatial and social justice in the transition to a climate-neutral society and preventing homelessness and energy poverty by building back better. Climate adaptation should be accessible to everyone, independent of their socioeconomic background or origins.

Considering different climate zones and their associated challenges, a roundtable discussion will be organised with urban and housing experts around the topic of climate adaptation in social housing to ensure the vulnerable don't suffer the most.

Discussion moderated by Sorcha Edwards, Secretary-General at Housing Europe.


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Housing Europe
Clara Mafé