Housing policy dialogue towards ISHF 2023 in Barcelona

Wednesday June 15
At 18:00–20:00
Main event, Seminar
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
The Barcelona Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB)
Maijansali, Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Registration required

Target group:
International and local housing professionals and activists.

Event description:
Barcelona has developed in recent years an emerging social housing model of special interest to other cities and countries willing to innovate in the field of social housing provision. It is with this willingness to share learnings and continue to be inspired by the experience of others that Barcelona will organize the next ISHF in 2023.

The first part of the session will feature a dialogue among City representatives from different European cities on key housing challenges and policies to address them.

The second part will host representatives from the 4 ISHF organizing cities  –Amsterdam 2017, Lyon 2019, Helsinki 2022 and Barcelona 2023– to discuss the strengths of the festival and the potential of the exchanges that it fosters between public institutions, professionals, academia as well as housing activists.

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Organizer's contact details:
The Barcelona Municipal Institute for Housing and Renovation (IMHAB)
Eduard Cabré-Romans