Circular renovation of affordable housing - let us show you how!

Wednesday June 15
At 13:00–15:00
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
Housing Europe & Huygen Engineers
Meeting Park Kamppi

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Target group:
Affordable and social housing providers, providers of building materials, policymakers, architects, construction sector, developers

Event description:


For a better, and more sustainable future, we need to change the way we design new homes and renovate existing ones. The built environment is responsible for 40% of final energy consumption in the EU. The embodied energy in buildings accounts for up to 60% of a building’s life cycle energy, with a collateral embodied carbon footprint. 25%-30% of waste streams generated in the EU derive from construction and demolition, based on an outdated and unsustainable linear “take, make, waste” model. This needs to change.

The EU has made reducing carbon emissions from the built environment one of the pillars of its environmental ambitions for the coming years, supported by the EU Green Deal and the Renovation Wave.

Faced with the need of maximising energy savings while reducing their carbon footprint, social housing providers have shown an increasing willingness to move towards circular solutions when renovating their building stock. 

However, the lack of awareness of (1) the products available on the market; (2) their real impact on performance and savings and (3) cost, is making social housing providers reluctant to invest in circularity at a greater scale. This session, thus, aims to demystify circular design and renovation in a way that is engaging and interactive for attendees.

About the workshop

The main goal of the session is to explore how social providers can plan and successfully execute circular building renovations in a resource and cost-efficient way. 

Based on the know-how and solutions from Horizon 2020 innovation projects HOUSEFUL and Drive 0 on circularity in the residential sector, participants will use ‘gamification’ methods to co-design a circular renovation in a theoretical public housing block, based on the current experience of the Growing Circle project in Portugal.

Ultimately, the workshop aims to raise awareness and provide social housing providers with the knowledge and tools necessary to support informed decisions to roll-out circular renovation in their buildings.   


13:00-13:15: Introduction to circularity

13:15-13:30: Innovative use of circular solutions in social housing – the HOUSEFUL and DRIVE 0 projects

13:30-14:45: Hands-on workshop facilitated by Housing Europe and partners

14:45-15:00: Discussion of findings and conclusions

15:00: End

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Housing Europe
Clara Mafé

Housing Europe
Dara Turnbull