Towards fluid systems of inhabiting

Wednesday June 15
At 09:00–12:00
People first: quality of housing as quality of living
Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS)
Visitor's Centre, Little Parliament

Registration required

Target group:
Social housing providers, municipalities, architects, urban planners, scholars and general public

Event description:
Is it possible to change the way we conceive and inhabit our homes? Are we able to imagine new living models and new housing typologies, answering to a growing need for flexible, temporary and mobile living arrangements? Can we go beyond the nuclear family home and introduce an understanding of our living environments as “fluid systems of inhabiting”? Building on such questions, the workshop will stimulate a collective reflection by bringing the participants to imagine together new flexible and fluid housing systems. In particular, participants will work on developing a mix of new housing typologies, functions and services with an additional focus of designing a system of inhabiting that could fit the needs of the younger generations, which particularly struggle to fit into the traditional housing system.

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Organizer's contact details:

Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS)
Francesca Spigarolo