Creating strong neighborhoods together

Wednesday June 15
At 13:00–15:00
People first: quality of housing as quality of living
AFWC (Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations) & PWNR (Platform Housing Association Northern Randstad)
Room U261 OP, Aalto University Undergraduate Centre

Registration required

Target group:
Housing professionals

Event description:
Every city has its ‘rough neighbourhoods’ where marginalization and stigmatization lure. These places have had the attention of policy makers for years. We now feel that there is a new elan in which the power of local communities is the key to a strong future for these places. In this event, the Amsterdam housing associations would like to share some tools we developed recently and invite you to share experiences, best practices and challenges in other urban areas.

Creating strong and safe neighbourhoods goes beyond just providing homes. Good amenities, health care facilities, strong social structures and a sense of ownership among citizens are equally important. To achieve these, housing associations, municipalities and residents should collaborate closely, as no single stakeholder can accomplish this alone.

In this event, we would like to explore how we can co-operate in creating strong neighbourhoods. We will address three main questions:

From our experiences in the Amsterdam urban area, we would like to tell about social masterplans in which housing providers, health care services, municipalities and schools work together. We also would like to share some insights from ‘We Amsterdam’, a data driven project in which housing associations co-operate to revitalise neighbourhoods. 

Moreover we would like to use the unique opportunity of this international event to hear about your neighbourhoods, experiences and ideas. We will create a comfortable setting for exchanging best practices and challenges and learn from each other.

If you cannot wait for the ISHF to exchange experiences, or you would like to provide some input for our workshop, please feel free to contact us. We are interested to hear your stories and are open to ideas to cohost this workshop with other partners

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Organizer's contact details:
AFWC: Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations
Steven Kromhout