A right to housing for young people

Wednesday June 15
At 10:00–12:00
The right to housing: getting rid of the excuses not to guarantee it
AFWC (Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations) & PWNR (Platform Housing Association Northern Randstad)
Room U261 OP, Aalto University Undergraduate Centre

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Target group:
Housing professionals

Event description:
Throughout the continent, young people are in a more precarious situation than the generations before them. They face a polarized labour market and a shortage of affordable housing in the cities where economic opportunities await them. The consequence: a sharp rise in homelessness among young people and an increasing average age of leaving the parental home. Does ineffective housing policies create a new ‘lost generation’ in Europe?

In the Netherlands, young people stood up to demand political action. In several cities, large protests were organized to claim the right to housing. What can social housing providers do for (low-income) young people in a housing market on which murderous competition between commercial actors is the norm?

In this interactive session, we set the scene by presenting research on the housing situation of young people. We invite all participants to define the issues young people face in their home cities. We cluster the approaches carried out in various locations. In our discussion, we will focus on:

The Amsterdam housing associations manage a considerable stock of youth housing. Recently, we have experimented with various co-housing programs in which we mix different types youngsters (refugees, vulnerable, regular). We would like to learn from best practices elsewhere and strengthen our partnerships. Therefore we are inviting partners across Europe to join the workshop and participate.

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Organizer's contact details:
AFWC: Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations
Steven Kromhout