Relationship between housing policy strategy and the reality of social work

Wednesday June 15
At 10:30–12:00
The right to housing: getting rid of the excuses not to guarantee it
Housing Solutions Platform led by Housing Europe, Feantsa & Fondation Abbe Pierre
Event square, Helsinki City Hall

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Target group:
Affordable and social housing providers, social workers, housing advisors, Housing First actors, cities, regions

Event description:


Inequalities generate a number of issues that are linked with exclusion from decent, affordable housing, lack of education, unemployment and even radicalization. This explosive mix has a direct effect in the communities we live in. Tackling the challenge may seem complicated but actually it only takes three steps to produce a response: mixing the housing options, offering adequate financing and empowering tenants.

This is why the Housing Solutions Platform was created in 2018 by Housing Europe, FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre, to make a contribution to addressing Europe’s housing crises. It connects people, ideas, tools and practices to help generate housing solutions. The Platform aims to go beyond the usual prescriptions and debates. It focuses on innovative solutions and brings together experts from across Europe, with a broad range of perspectives from different sectors.

Aim of the session

The session will bring together the key actors to explore the relationship between housing policy strategy and the reality of social work in bringing housing to those who need it most. In other words: how to successfully implement Housing First programmes on the ground.

To do so, we will firstly hear from the Irish Minister for Housing on the current state of play and secondly, we will explore the new Welsh and Danish homelessness strategy as well as the Finnish concept of “housing social work”. We will look at

This session will bring together housing providers and social workers supporting people to access and keep housing. This workshop will provide a space for dialogue about what is done on the ground and what do both sides need to facilitate the process of access to housing. We will bring the practical view of housing advisors from Finland and Denmark to show how the approach of having these specific experts works in day-to-day life and how it can be adopted by other countries in Europe and beyond.

The event will mostly look into the topic ‘right to housing: getting rid of the excuses not to guarantee it’ as homelessness continues to be an alarming issue in most countries in Europe, often driven by unaffordable housing, lack of supply and long-term political commitment, a phenomenon which we slightly see changing.

This practical and straightforward session will be organised during the 2022 International Social Housing Festival in Helsinki and suits well its spirit of finding solutions together.

Draft Programme

10:30–10:40 Introductions, Bent Madsen, President of Housing Europe

10:40–10:50 Keynote of Darragh O’Brien, Minister for Housing in Ireland

10:50–11:40 Panel discussion, Moderated by Clotilde Clark-Foulquier, Feantsa

11:40-11:50 Q and A

11:50-12:00 Conclusions, Sorcha Edwards, Secretary General of Housing Europe

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Housing Europe
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