Public housing in Puglia region, Italy

Thursday June 16
At 09:00–17:00
People first: quality of housing as quality of living
Polytechnic University of Bari
Lobby, Helsinki City Hall

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Event description:
The exhibition “Public housing in Puglia Region, Italy” reflects on the numerous themes that revolve around living, through the research work carried out by the UrPlas Laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy, together with some local public bodies such as Apulian Local Government (housing policies sector), ARCA Sud Salento (the local authority for public housing) and other involved with housing themes. The exhibition would give the audience a deeper knowledge of how the Apulian housing system works. The Apulian context is still limited in experimenting with new housing models and management systems. Moreover, the public sector is not provided with enough economic and cultural resources that could make it able to build new housing and experiment with innovative management experiences. The main activities, conducted by these institutions, are just related to ordinary activities. As a consequence, the public sector is characterized by a strong difference between its offer and the actual demand. The private sector has mainly been driven by the logic of profit, instead, never conducted social housing experience that remains an area to be explored. Research in this sense has led to an in-depth examination of how the housing theme could evolve in this context. We would like to show some of our newest proposals, based on flexibility and a wider urban approach, and to start a dialogue to find new and better solutions. This way the exhibition could become a moment for the audience to take inspiration from our proposals and at the same time to inspire us with some suggestions. Through the exhibition, in which the results of the main research carried out by the Polytechnic University of Bari will be shown, the aim is to underline the importance of university scientific research in supporting the choices and policies of local authorities involved in housing policies.

The exposition will mention the collected data on a regional scale to analyze the emerging needs; four specific projects over social and student housing in the city of Lecce, an experimental laboratory on housing issues; and finally, a Ph.D. study on spaces for temporary inhabitants. Through short videos will be displayed two regional projects on digital transformation and student innovation for living in sustainable cities.

In detail, the exhibition consists of 8 panels and 2 videos, as follows:

T1 | Exposition gaols and POLIBA’s UrPlas Lab presentation 
T2 | Apulian case study 
T3 | The city of Lecce. Experimental laboratory on housing issues
T4 | The new front of the Parlangeli building 
T5 | The adaptation of the public building of the Piazzale Cuneo 
T6 | The reuse of Galateo, ex Sanatorium Hospital 
T7 | The reuse of Manifattura Tabacchi 
T8 | Spaces for temporary inhabitants. New forms of contemporary living 

V1 | PUGLIA REGIONE UNIVERSITARIA project. Studying and living in welcoming and sustainable cities
V2 | B@ARCA project. BIM at ARCA

Scientific coordination: N. Martinelli G. Mangialardi
Scientific and technical committee: M. Annese S. Bisciglia C. Danisi, S. Milella M. Montemurro D. Pagano I.G. Presta D. Scarpelli G. Spadafina A. Triggiano

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Organizer's contact details:
Polytechnic University of Bari
Nicola Martinelli

Giovanna Mangialardi