The new movement of certified energy mentors and supporters tackling energy poverty

Wednesday June 15
At 14:00–18:00
A stand/presentation
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
Housing Europe & National Technical University of Athens
Lobby, Helsinki City Hall

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What does energy poverty mean and how can we recognise it when we see it? How can we diagnose an energy inefficient home or when someone’s struggles with paying for a warm or cool home without making them feel ashamed of it? How can we tackle the problem effectively, leveraging innovative financing schemes and building joint energy initiatives e.g., energy communities?

In the year of record-high energy bills and the moment when ‘stay at home’ has been the norm for over two years, the EU-funded project, POWERPOOR calls on colleagues from public, cooperative, and social housing providers, municipalities, health and social workers, representatives from the academia and anyone who wants to be engaged in tackling the phenomenon to join a community of hundreds of POWERPOOR certified Energy Supporters and Mentors, working on the ground, enabling change and providing paths out of energy poverty in their regions.

POWERPOOR is a 3-year Horizon 2020 project that started back in September 2020. The initiative in which Housing Europe plays a key role is aiming at energy poverty alleviation by supporting energy poor citizens to implement energy efficiency interventions and participate in joint energy initiatives, through the development of support programmes and ICT-driven tools. The project aims to facilitate citizens’ behaviour change towards energy use and uptake of energy-efficient measures through experience and knowledge sharing.

Come and get to see how you can become a certified POWERPOOR Energy Supporter and Mentor, be part of the movement, and support vulnerable households in your city or area.

POWERPOOR mentors & supporters about their journey

Demonstration of tools & experiences on the ground

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Housing Europe
Diana Yordanova