Coop of House of Assignment of Use, clean energies, documentary traceability in Blockchain and digital identity

Wednesday June 15
At 09:00–18:00
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
Lobby, Helsinki City Hall

Target group:
Senior people and young couples. Cooperative housing futures.

Event description:

1. What is a Cooperative of Assignment of Use.

2. Model chosen for clean energy supply

3. What is an Energy Community, applied to Coop V.

4. How a document traceability works, in Coop V.

5. Why the permissioned Blockchain applied to housing

6. What is DIGITAL IDENTITY and what is it for?

It is about making a presentation, dynamic, not exhaustive, with the support of POWER POINT and a speaker. With times for presentation, with questions about doubts and clarifications. A maximum time of two hours, with a break of 10 minutes.

Or, have a space or shelf, for a day, in which the project can be explained to companies that want to participate with us in a European project, either LIFE, a similar one, and also to the general public that have an interest in the project.

Registration is not required.

Organizer's contact details:
Vicent M. Salvador Nebot