Living walls, green façades, and green roofs – greening our building stock in the literal sense

Tuesday June 14
At 09:00–11:00
Workshop, Site visit / excursion
People first: quality of housing as quality of living, Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
Housing Europe & alchemia-nova GmbH - Institute for circular economy & nature-based solutions
Ateljee, National Museum

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Event description:
"The twin challenge of energy efficiency and affordability is explicit in the EU Green Deal, where the European Commission (EC) included a “Renovation Wave” to double the annual energy renovation rate of residential and non-residential buildings. The plan is to intervene in over 35 million building units until 2030. The Affordable Housing Initiative, part of the Renovation Wave, aims to pilot 100 district renovation projects in social housing to act as a ""lighthouse projects"" and guide and show the way to the other renovation projects across Europe by tapping into existing best practices, setting liveability and affordability at the forefront. At the same time, the EC launched the New European Bauhaus, a new architectural vision to guide the renovations towards increased sense of aesthetics, sustainability and social inclusion.

Arguably, the time has never been more appropriate to shape the way our houses will be renovated in the coming decades. Engineered green roofs, walls and façades - offer opportunities to grow plants on the building stock itself. They are a promising nature-based solution to achieve significant energy savings in existing buildings, whilst contributing to lowering local air pollution, reducing biodiversity loss, improving air quality and noise, and elevating health and well-being.

In the past years, public, social and cooperative housing providers have been ahead of the curve regarding innovation, being trusted partners in different capacities: a living lab for new building components; a material bank for greater circularity; an interface between energy management systems and residents; or a demonstrator of positive energy neighbourhoods, to name a few.

With this event, a group of industry experts will share their knowledge on Vertical Greening Systems, such as Living Walls and Green Façades, and Green Roofs, with the aim of discussing with social building providers and policymakers the possibilities for wider integration of living walls and green façades in social housing, including how to tackle persistent costs and maintenance-related barriers to a more generalised up-taking. The session will end with a study visit to an example of green wall or roof in Helsinki, with the collaboration of a local partner.

Suggested programme (+ study visit):

1.        Welcome

2.        Keynote: Overview of the state-of-the-art of living or green walls, façades and roofs in public or social housing (by an academia or industry expert).

3.        Oral presentations of concrete applications (by industry experts).

4.        Round table discussion (with living wall designers / manufacturers, building owners, policymakers, etc).

5.        Conclusions

6.        Networking moment

+ Living Walls and Roofs tour (1 hour)"

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Organizer's contact details:
Housing Europe
João Gonçalves