RE-DWELL Delivering Affordable and Sustainable in Europe

Tuesday June 14
At 10:30–13:30
Workshop, Exhibition
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
RE-DWELL MSCA ITN & Housing Europe
Event square, Helsinki City Hall

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Target group:
Researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in affordable and sustainable housing provision. The aim of the workshop is to foster knowledge exchange between these stakeholders.

Event description:

Although there is agreement among researchers that we need to adopt a more holistic view of housing affordability which encompasses sustainability (in the economic, social and environmental dimensions), both issues continue to be treated separately.   Furthermore, in the field of housing “affordable” and “sustainable” are often considered contradictory terms, since it is thought that both targets cannot be attained at once. However, housing studies provide grounds for reforming housing policies which endorse the adoption of sustainability criteria in affordable housing delivery. A holistic, transdisciplinary research in affordable and sustainable housing is necessary to properly address the challenges of contemporary housing. To put it into practice, we need trained architects and planners, informed industrial and community stakeholders, and housing providers and policy makers who understand the links between affordability and sustainability. The ultimate purpose of RE-DWELL is to train professionals to approach contemporary housing challenges with a transdisciplinary perspective.

This session, led by the Marie Curie RE-DWELL Innovative Training Network, will take the format of an interactive research workshop with the aim of developing a roadmap to address the urgent issues at stake in the delivery of affordable and sustainable housing across Europe: the priorities, the short and long-term strategies, and the envisaged scenarios. The discussion will be supported with an exhibition showing the 15 ongoing projects by the early stage PhD researchers who are working closely with partner organisations (industry, housing associations, administrations) across Europe.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to RE-DWELL’s holistic, transdisciplinary approach to affordable and sustainable housing. Participants in this session will be organized in  break out groups each with a particular theme relating to the ongoing research projects. Here participants will discuss dimensions of the problem in small groups, each led by early stage researcher, supported by the academic supervisors. The break out groups will provide an opportunity to learn about cutting edge housing research, to contribute to the development of the ESR projects and to interact with colleagues across Europe.

The group discussions will lead to a plenary session in which a series of policy recommendations will be formulated. These will be assembled into a manifesto for affordable and sustainable housing which will be disseminated after the festival in the RE-DWELL media channels.

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Organizer's contact details:
Leandro Madrazo (Network coordinator)