Affordability vs Sustainability? Not necessarily. The importance of designing financial tools within a policy framework: an Italian perspective. (e-SAFE - EU Project)

Thursday June 16
At 11:00–13:00
Panel discussion
Achieving affordability and sustainability in housing
University of Catania (Italy), “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy), Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità (Inequalities Diversity Forum, Italy), Unione Inquilini (Tenants’ Union, Italy)

Target group:
Policy makers, policy advisors, consultants in banking and financial sectors, public and social housing national and international bodies, tenants unions, researchers.

Event description:
The event will host 4 panellists: Michele Russo (Epta Prime), Edoardo Zanchini (Inequalities Diversity Forum), Simone Tulumello (ULisboa) e Laura Saija (Unict). Panel discussion will be moderated by Carlo Cellamare (“Sapienza” University of Rome) and Giulia Li Destri Nicosia (Unict).

The event will be organized in two moments: presentations and discussion. In the first part, panellists will deliver their presentations (details below); in the second part, the two moderators will foster and facilitate the discussion among panellists, also gathering feedbacks and inputs from attendees.

Michele Russo is founder and president of Epta Prime, a consulting company on strategic and financial planning & risk management for public authorities, banks and companies. He has been a member of the Board of advisors of Italy’s Prime Minister on sustainability issues as lead expert on Italy’s Superbonus program (fiscal and financial incentive for energy renovation at the building scale). He will provide an assessment of strengths and weaknesses of current financial models and tools for renovation from an Italian perspective.

Edoardo Zanchini, National Vice President of Legambiente, and member of the Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità. Architect, holds a master degree in Architecture (1998) and a PhD in urban planning at "La Sapienza" University of Rome (2003). Member of the board of RGI (Renewables grid initiative, Berlin) and of FREE (Association of Italian companies and organizations of renewables and energy efficiency, Rome), of Cresme (Research center on economy of the building sector, Rome) he is mainly working on sustainability and building renovation, climate change and urban planning

Simone Tulumello is an assistant research professor in urban geography and critical urban studies at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) at Lisbon University since 2019. His work focuses on housing policy and housing financialization in times of austerity, especially in Southern Europe. He will provide a critical reflection on the nexus between macro-economic drivers, State-led housing policies, and grassroots right to housing struggles.

Laura Saija is an associate professor in Regional and City Planning at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Catania. She is as member of the H2020 e-SAFE project team. She will focus on local stakeholders’ engagement strategies to spread energy renovation at the  building scale as a trigger for a more comprehensive urban regeneration strategy, able to meet both social and economic challenges.

Carlo Cellamare is Full Professor in Regional and City Planning at the Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering, “Sapienza” University of Rome. Engaged in several action-research processes, he is mainly working on right to housing issues at the urban and national scale, with a specific focus on policy making. He will be a moderator of the Panel discussion.

Giulia Li Destri Nicosia is PostDoc in Regional and City Planning at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Catania. She works on the interaction between urban regeneration and local development strategies, and the challenges posed by climate change and energy transition policies. She will be a moderator of the Panel discussion.

Registration is not required.

Organizer's contact details:
University of Catania
Giulia Li Destri Nicosia