30 years of active housing participation in Slovenia

Tuesday June 14
Friday June 17
At 10:00–12:00
People first: quality of housing as quality of living
Housing Fund of The Republic of Slovenia
Lobby, Helsinki City Hall

Target group:
Young people, elderly people, families and counterparts from institutions from housing field and stakeholders on housing field.

Event descripition:
The Republic of Slovenia in Article 78 of its Constitution stipulates that the state shall create opportunities for citizens to obtain proper housing. With this measure Slovenia follows the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which defines access to adequate housing as a basic human right, which represents the main condition for an individual's further life activities.

At the Exhibition we will present National Housing Programme (ReNSP 2015-2025), that is the source strategic document for the implementation of housing policy in Slovenia, where the state establishes conditions for implementing all citizens’ constitutional right of choice in addressing their housing needs and defines the general targets of the housing policy as a response to the actual housing situation.

The Exhibition will primally address the role of the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (HFRS) – the principal institution for implementing the housing policy in Slovenia according to ReNSP 2015-2025. Its mission is to implement the policy measures and carry out the activities of the housing policy as provided by the Housing Act and ReNSP 2015-2025, at the national level.

Implementation and realization of the ReNSP15–25 will be presented from the Funds point of view, mainly:

The Fund is intensively building affordable rental apartments throughout Slovenia, and will provide 2,194 new public rental-housing units by 2023.

At the event will be present Director of HFRS Mr. Črtomir Remec and heads of housing and legal sector of HFRS, Mrs. Alenka Kern and Mrs. Mojca Štritof-Brus.

Registration is not required.

Organizer's contact details:
Housing Fund of The Republic of Slovenia
Alenka Kern