Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy, or Heka, is the largest lessor in Finland. We have over 51,000 apartments and over 93,000 tenants in Helsinki, which means that approximately 14% of the residents of Helsinki live in Heka apartments. Our apartments are of high quality, affordable and located in every part of Helsinki.

Our building stock is very diverse: our oldest buildings date back to the early 20th century, and approximately 400–700 new apartments are completed each year. Our buildings provide affordable apartments of different sizes for different life situations, from studios to family homes with floor areas of over 100 m2.

In addition to constant new construction, we also renovate and modernise our existing apartments with over EUR 170 million annually, completing hundreds of renovated apartments every year. The aim of modernisation is to renovate buildings and apartments to make them as good as new. As part of our modernisation projects, we also outfit buildings with modern technologies such as water meters and solar panels to reduce the environmental impact of housing.

Come and visit our locations and learn more about our renovation process in particular

During the festival, we will be holding a joint seminar with Asuntosäätiö entitled Renovation processes through the decades: two actors, different methods, satisfied residents, in which we will examine renovation processes from the perspective of tenants. The topics covered will include how tenants are informed of renovations, how Heka provides temporary apartments for the duration of renovations and how moving is organised. Heka’s renovation process from the perspective of tenants is also explored in this article interviewing the Tzouvanis family from Konala.

The seminar will be held at the club room of our Pohjolankatu 47 location, where Heka buildings are being renovated in a way that honours the history of the buildings and re-introduces old architectural solutions to the apartments. You can take a sneak peek at Pohjolankatu 47 via this YouTube video.

After the seminar, you can also take part in a walking event entitled Walking through the Käpylä area and getting to know its historical sites, which will start at the same location, the club room of Pohjolankatu 47. The walking event will begin with a visit to the building’s other shared spaces and the home of a tenant. After this, we will take a walk through the historical blocks of wooden buildings to Mäkelänkatu 86, an apartment building called Serpentine House, which won the Docomomo Rehabilitation Award in 2021. Here we will also learn more about this special protected building from the architect who was in charge of the renovation.

During the Käpylä location visit, we will also explore the unique blocks of wooden buildings.
New Heka location at Pyhätunturintie 2 brings metallic lustre to Mellunmäki
Sara and Fotis Tzouvanis, as well as their baby, Ioana, decided to make their replacement apartment their permanent home.

Heka will be participating in the following events. Feel free to join

Wednesday 15 June at 09:00–11:30: Jätkäsaari Walking Tour

Wednesday 15 June at 14:00–15:15: Seminar: Renovation processes through the decades: two actors, different methods, satisfied residents.

Wednesday 15 June at 15:30–17:30: Walking through the Käpylä area and getting to know its historical sites.

Thursday 16 June at 09:00–11:30: Mellunmäki Walking Tour: Practical examples of sustainable and affordable urban living.

The visits to Heka locations and especially to tenants’ homes are very popular events, so please register your participation in good time.

Heka is wholly owned by the City of Helsinki. We operate on the cost-price (Mankala) principle, which means that we do not seek to make profit and do not pay dividends. Our rents are 45% lower on average than market rents in Helsinki. Our tenants are satisfied with their living conditions and homes.