The 3rd International Social Housing Festival is hosted by The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA, in co-operation with the City of Helsinki and Housing Europe. ARA is a government agency subsidizing affordable and social housing in Finland and therefore well-connected with the Finnish housing sector, municipalities and NGO’s. The festival couldn’t have a better main organizer in Finland than ARA due to its nationwide role.

– The idea to bring the festival to Finland is to two-folded, says Jarmo Lindén, the Director of The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, who is in charge of ISHF 2022 with his eager staff. – Firstly, to bring international ideas, inspirations and experiences to Finland to promote our discussion on housing (too often too limited), andsecondly, to manifest Finnish experiences in subsidizing high-quality, affordable housing and solving homelessness using e.g., Social Mix -principle on housing areas and Housing First -principle, Jarmo continues.

The festival is held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, which has 650 000 inhabitants, and the metropolitan area has around 1.2 million inhabitants. Linden says Helsinki has built housing with the Social Mix Principle for over 50 years and can offer a home to most of its inhabitants. In Helsinki you don’t know, which house is social housing, and which is market-based.

-Helsinki is a modern city, where nature and sea are near. It has strong and wide public services and well-developed collective traffic. The slogan of the city is “Most functional City in the World”, summarizes Jarmo.

Welcome to experience being at home in Helsinki!

The 3rd International Social Housing Festival will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on June 14-17, 2022.

Picture: Suomen Ilmakuva / Helsinki Marketing