We are thrilled to announce Hanna Sarkkinen, Finland’s Minister of Social Affairs and Health, as one of the speakers for the Closing Ceremony. Minister Sarkkinen is a second-term Member of Parliament from Oulu who was elected to Parliament in 2015.

Hanna Sarkkinen’s political thinking is guided by social and economic justice, equality between people and ecological sustainability. Important political priorities for the Minister include poverty reduction and social security reform, reducing unemployment and safeguarding fair working conditions, strengthening mental health and wellbeing, and taking sustainable development into account in all political decision-making.

Hanna Sarkkinen holds a Master of Arts degree. She graduated in 2014 from the University of Oulu, where she majored in history of science and ideas and minored in management, political science, economics and communications. (Finnish Government)

We welcome Minister to the festival!

Minister Sarkkinen will speak at the Closing Ceremony on 17 June.