We are thrilled to announce Maria Ohisalo, Finland’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, as one of the speakers of the Opening Ceremony. 

Maria Ohisalo has served as Minister of the Environment and Climate Change since 7 June 2022. Prior to this, she served as Minister of the Interior (ministry for internal security and migration) between 2019-2021. She has been Chair of the Greens in Finland since June 2019 and was elected as a Member of Parliament in April 2019. Ohisalo has a PhD on Sociology and the title of her thesis is “Crumbs at the Bottom of a Welfare State. Charity Food Aid and Subjective Well-Being of the Disadvantaged”. 

Between 2015-2019 she was the Vice-Chair of the Greens in Finland and has worked as a researcher on issues related to social exclusion. She is a council member in the Helsinki City Council and was a member of the Helsinki City Board from 2017-2019.

Ohisalo is a keen cyclist and collector of vintage video games. She lives with her spouse and daughter in Helsinki. (Finnish Government)

We are honored to welcome Minister Ohisalo to the ISHF 2022!

Minister Maria Ohisalo / Photo: Finnish Government
Minister Maria Ohisalo is going to speak at the Opening Ceremony.
Photo: Finnish Government