We are honoured to continue presenting our main speakers, as Hanna Dhalman, Housing Program Manager at the City of Helsinki, will join the speakers at the Closing Ceremony!

Hanna Dhalmann has worked as Housing Program Manager at the City of Helsinki since the August 2021. She is also a board member of Helsinki City Housing Company (Heka) that is the largest lessor in Finland. Dhalmann is also the chairman of the board of Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy HASO that is a right-of-occupancy housing company owned by the City of Helsinki.

Before starting her work at the City of Helsinki, Dhalmann worked for eight years at the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). ARA is a government agency implementing the housing policy in Finland. ARA grants subsidies, grants and guarantees for housing and construction and supervises the use of the government subsidized housing stock. Dhalmann worked in ARA as a Director of Housing Development and Information Service Unit and as a Senior Specialist specialized in the prevention of homelessness, housing advisory services, residential segregation and suburban development and R&D in housing. Dhalmann holds a Ph.D. in urban geography.

Welcome Hanna to enrich our speaker lineup!

Hanna Dhalmann Photo: City of Helsinki

Hanna Dhalmann is one of the speakers at the Closing Ceremony

Photo: City of Helsinki